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“I believe every child learns the most through play and gains lifetime confidence through performing arts.”  Caroline Zarinelli (a.k.a. Mrs. Z)

Hatched many moons ago, Caroline Zarinelli was soon given the name “Carrie Canary with the Red Red Shoes” for her zestful love of singing, dancing, and signature red Keds. As time passed, the little whippersnapper began writing and directing neighborhood musicals (in the back lot behind her house) which led  directly to her do-not-pass-go-or-collect-$ in Theatre!


Excited and perplexed about what to do with such a document, she performed in St. Louis Muny Opera, Goldenrod Showboat, Standing Room Only, Silver Dollar City, Moosletoe, Mannequins in Motion, and aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. After kicking up her heels and flapping her feathers, Caroline settled down in St. Louis, Missouri to nest and nurture her own brood.


Like any good mama bird, Mrs. Zarinelli tricked her young chicks into learning through singing, dancing, and playing...which she introduced at their school. LO and BEHOLD! The school hired her to share her trickery!! (gasp) 


Who knew creating imaginative, interactive, emotional learning experiences

would cause deeper learning?


After decades in the school house and studying what is now called "Arts Integration" at Harvard’s Project Zero, Boston Arts Academy, Opening Minds Through the Arts, and Arts Integration Solutions, Mrs. Z has returned to her cottage to create, coach, host Cottage Kids, and produce Blanket Theatre shows...

and YOU are INVITED!!!


There’s no place like home...There’s no place like home...There’s no place like home...

My Story

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