IMPORTANT: The show must go on! All lessons, camps & theatre classes are being held virtually with Mrs. Z!

Holding Auditions for



A charming holiday show about 

loving what you have had and letting go.


8 Roles for 2nd - 8th Graders:

Tiny, Dolly, Aerial Armstrong, Jack-in-the-Box, 

Chinese Checkers, Xylo, Teddy, and Toy Soldier

Video Audition Submissions:
June 15 - 17

Callbacks via Zoom:
June 22 - 24

June - December

6-Month Musical Theatre Intensive for Tiny's Toybox:
Production Fee (includes costumes): $800

I (Mrs. Z) want to be hopeful yet flexible given the current environment. In October I will evaluate if we will hold the holiday show live in-person or pre-recorded and edited into an online show.


Rehearsal Schedule


SUMMER REHEARSALS ON ZOOM  |  6/30 - 7/30, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00 -7:30 p.m.


SUMMER REHEARSAL CAMP ON ZOOM |  8/03 - 8/07, Monday - Friday, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.


FALL REHEARSALS ON ZOOM  |  9/01 - 11/17, Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

I would love to perform live in December, but if not possible we will go virtual

The show will be double cast locally in St. Louis. Both casts will perform 2-3 shows. I am truly hoping we can perform live and the individuals of the two casts will provide understudies for the other if needed. Safety and health of the cast, family, and audience is my primary concern. 


If we need to have our final performance virtually, you will send video of your individual lines and songs which will be edited to create a final video of the musical. The video musical would be shared with family and ticketed online or get sponsors. 


If live, we will go into final rehearsal schedule mode (schedule to be announced) and I will book a performance venue and tickets will be available on Brown Paper Tickets. 


I will decide which way we are headed by mid-October.  


It is a lot to wrap my mind around, but it can be done…kinda wondering how we could make it a Toy Drive for kids in need... hmmmm… I welcome your thoughts!

other Blanket Theatre offerings...

2nd - 6th Graders
July 6 - 17 // 2 weeks (M - F)
10:00 - 12:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Students gather to do acting warmups, rehearse, and give feedback on monologues and songs. You can sing and act or just pick one! We’ll celebrate our complete virtual performance on the last day of class. 


Required Equipment:
Singers must have at least two devices:

iPhone and iPad

iPhone or iPad + bluetooth speaker


Provided by Mrs. Z
Recorded sound files and sheet music emailed.

(Student Limit: 16)

2nd - 6th Graders
July 27 - 31 // (M - F)
10am - 12pm CST

A live interactive Cottage Kids/Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Come One! Come All!

The Paper Moon Circus has come to town and YOU are the main attraction!

Jump for joy, create, craft, sing, and dance.

Join the Circus!

You provide scissors, glue, tape, stapler, glue gun, and glue sticks.

tudent Limit: 16)

Craft and goodie box included if registered by June 15.Zoom link sent upon registration.

2nd - 6th Graders
July 6 - 17 // 2 weeks (M - F)
1:00 - 2:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Put your crazy thinking cap on and sharpen your pencils! We’ll be writing and performing commercials, jingles, and creating characters to make the delivery complete!

(Student Limit: 16)

2nd - 6th Graders
July 27 - 31 // (M - F)
1:00 - 2:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Transform your face! 

Magnificent mugs from fantasy face to gnarly pirate, 

we’ll be practicing makeup techniques and designing character looks. 

You provide standing mirror (or prop-up-able mirror), 2 mugs of water, plastic reusable/disposable plate, paper towels, and after-class-face-washing :)

(Student Limit: 16)

Makeup kits provided if registered by June 15.

(Includes ultra-mild, soap based face paint, brush set, and makeup sponges.)


Private, live interactive training with Mrs. Z on Zoom.





Alto Saxophone

$75 per hour

The Story of Blanket Theatre


Way back when Caroline was just a little squirt growin’ up in the Ozarks, she would regularly round up willing neighborhood wranglers to put on neighborhood shows (you know - homey stuff that gets everybody involved). Years passed and in 1987 she began directing children’s theatre classes in her back yard and called it BLANKET THEATRE.


Parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters would bring blankets to sit on and watch the performances. Her lop eared bunny named Theo was the pre-show mascot hopping from blanket to blanket keeping the audience entertained. Folks walkin’ by would see the commotion and lean on the fence to take it all in...kind of picturesque, if ya’ know what I mean. 


In 1995, BLANKET THEATRE moved into a high-falutin’ storefront in Clayton and Caroline continued to teach theatre classes and produce shows for still had to sit on a blanket! A couple of years passed and just like too much plate spinnin’ along with teaching drama at a school, she decided to let BLANKET THEATRE sleep for awhile. Well...the nap is over!

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