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The Story of Blanket Theatre


Way back when Caroline was just a little squirt growin’ up in the Ozarks, she would regularly round up willing neighborhood wranglers to put on neighborhood shows (you know - homey stuff that gets everybody involved). Years passed and in 1987 she began directing children’s theatre classes in her back yard and called it BLANKET THEATRE. Parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters would bring blankets to sit on and watch the performances. Her lop eared bunny named Theo was the pre-show mascot hopping from blanket to blanket keeping the audience entertained. Folks walkin’ by would see the commotion and lean on the fence to take it all in...kind of picturesque, if ya’ know what I mean. 


In 1995, BLANKET THEATRE moved into a high-falutin’ storefront in Clayton and Caroline continued to teach theatre classes and produce shows for families...you still had to sit on a blanket! A couple of years passed and just like too much plate spinnin’ along with teaching drama at a school, she decided to let BLANKET THEATRE sleep for awhile. Well...the nap is over!

Blanket Theatre

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