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Blanket Theatre Camps + Weekly Classes...

Theatrical celebration and arts integration that builds confidence and nurtures the magic of connection.

 For Ages 11 - 15 
Tiny's Toybox
Performance Workshop
w/ 4 ticketed performances at the Focal Point Theatre


September 22, 23, 24

Email for audition time


Saturdays from 3:00 - 5:30pm
beginning October 7

plus Solo
Coaching for each cast member by appointment

Full Rehearsals
11/27- 12/02


Dress Rehearsals
12/06 & 12/07


Performance Weekend

  • December 9th,  12:00pm & 2:00pm

  • December 10th,  12:00pm & 2:00pm
    at The Focal Point

Show Synopsis: Tiny is parting ways with some old neglected toys to make room for the new. Let’s just say the toys aren’t too happy about it! An “out of the box” musical featuring Tiny, Dolly, Aerial, Jack, Checkers, Xylo, Sarge, and Teddy. A heart-warming, toe-tapping musical to celebrate the holiday season.

Written, composed, and directed by Caroline Zarinelli and Randy Luna.

$300 for 10-week Performance Workshop

Email to reserve session spot and reserve casting audition time

or by a check made to:

House of Z

902 Woodshire Lane

St. Louis, MO 63141


  1. Email to reserve session spot 

  2. Pay via...

The Story of Blanket Theatre


Way back when Caroline was just a little squirt growin’ up in the Ozarks, she would regularly round up willing neighborhood wranglers to put on neighborhood shows (you know - homey stuff that gets everybody involved). Years passed and in 1987 she began directing children’s theatre classes in her back yard and called it BLANKET THEATRE.


Parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters would bring blankets to sit on and watch the performances. Her lop eared bunny named Theo was the pre-show mascot hopping from blanket to blanket keeping the audience entertained. Folks walkin’ by would see the commotion and lean on the fence to take it all in...kind of picturesque, if ya’ know what I mean. 


In 1995, BLANKET THEATRE moved into a high-falutin’ storefront in Clayton and Caroline continued to teach theatre classes and produce shows for still had to sit on a blanket! A couple of years passed and just like too much plate spinnin’ along with teaching drama at a school, she decided to let BLANKET THEATRE sleep for awhile. Well...the nap is over!

Nitty Gritty Info 

To allow for social distancing, eight students are the maximum in camps and classes.


Camps and classes will take place in the garden, under the bohemian big top, and in the cottage.


Mrs. Z and students will wear masks and complete a daily health check prior to the arrival at camp.


We will wash our hands throughout the day and practice social distancing.


Please plan mindfully booking camp sessions around your summer travel plans as these camps and classes do not offer a virtual component. Please allow ten days between travel and the beginning of your camp session.


Students need to wear their own mask and bring a filled water bottle and peanut-free lunch. Cold storage will be provided. Camp supplies, snacks, and bottled water refills will be provided. Wear comfortable cool clothing and tennis shoes. Bring a light sweater or jacket.


Private, live interactive training with Mrs. Z on Zoom.





Alto Saxophone

$75 per hour

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