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Cottage Kids Schedule

Cottage Kids Party Days

For 1st - 6th Grade Girls
Saturdays once-a-month / 10am-4pm CST

May 14 - Birds of a Feather

June 11 - Fairies and Fireflies

July 9 - Monkeying Around

August 6 - Magical Mermaids

An in-person Cottage Kids Fun Day at Mrs. Z's cottage, socially distanced and safe with your fellow campers!

A day camp for girls that includes creative crafting, music making, manners minding, kindness kindling, and lots of laughing!

$95 / day
tudent Limit: 8)


Blanket Theatre Camps + Weekly Classes...

Theatrical celebration and arts integration that builds confidence and nurtures the magic of connection.

2nd - 6th Graders
9 classes / Thursdays, June 2 - July 28
6:30 - 8:00pm CST

An in-person Blanket Theatre class at Mrs. Z's cottage, socially distanced and safe with your fellow campers!

A study and practice of audition material so you will always have something prepared in your audition tool box.


Students gather to do acting warmups, rehearse, and give feedback on monologues and songs. You can sing and act or just pick one! 

$300 / 9 classes
(Student Limit: 8)

or by a check made to:

House of Z

902 Woodshire Lane

St. Louis, MO 63141


  1. Click the "Register" button to fill out camper details.

  2. Pay via...

Nitty Gritty Info 

To allow for social distancing, eight students are the maximum in camps and classes.


Camps and classes will take place in the garden, under the bohemian big top, and in the cottage.


Mrs. Z and students will wear masks and complete a daily health check prior to the arrival at camp.


We will wash our hands throughout the day and practice social distancing.


Please plan mindfully booking camp sessions around your summer travel plans as these camps and classes do not offer a virtual component. Please allow ten days between travel and the beginning of your camp session.


Students need to wear their own mask and bring a filled water bottle and peanut-free lunch. Cold storage will be provided. Camp supplies, snacks, and bottled water refills will be provided. Wear comfortable cool clothing and tennis shoes. Bring a light sweater or jacket.

What is Cottage Kids?

Cottage Kids is a day camp for kids kindergarten through sixth grade.


In the school year we meet on Saturdays...and sometimes there are sleep-unders in your jammies (you don’t sleep over - you get picked up) on a Friday or Saturday night!


In the summertime, we have fun for a whooooole week at at time.

How old are Cottage Kids?

There are three age groupings:


Peeps: Kindergarten (sometimes K-1st)

Kids: 1st Grade - 6th Grade boys and girls

Chicks: 4th - 6th Grade young ladies

What do we do in Cottage Kids?

+Lots of laughing

+Creative crafting

+Writing and composing

+Manners practicing

+Music making

+Yummy baking

+and a dose of drama!

Where is Cottage Kids?

At my cottage, of course!

902 Woodshire Lane
(just north off of Olive, west of Spoede,
and east of Mosley in Creve Coeur)

How much does it cost?

Day camp and sleep-unders are $95.

Summer Camps are is $300 per week.

Feline Consideration

The Cottage is feline friendly, but Stella won't be joining us!

I see you thinking! Want to create & schedule your own gathering?

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