IMPORTANT: The show must go on! All lessons, camps & theatre classes are being held virtually with Mrs. Z!

Cottage Kids Schedule

2nd - 6th Graders
July 6 - 17 // 2 weeks (M - F)
10:00 - 12:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Students gather to do acting warmups, rehearse, and give feedback on monologues and songs. You can sing and act or just pick one! We’ll celebrate our complete virtual performance on the last day of class. 


Required Equipment:
Singers must have at least two devices:

iPhone and iPad

iPhone or iPad + bluetooth speaker


Provided by Mrs. Z
Recorded sound files and sheet music emailed.

(Student Limit: 16)

2nd - 6th Graders
July 27 - 31 // (M - F)
10am - 12pm CST

A live interactive Cottage Kids/Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Come One! Come All!

The Paper Moon Circus has come to town and YOU are the main attraction!

Jump for joy, create, craft, sing, and dance.

Join the Circus!

You provide scissors, glue, tape, stapler, glue gun, and glue sticks.

tudent Limit: 16)

Craft and goodie box included if registered by June 15.Zoom link sent upon registration.

2nd - 6th Graders
July 6 - 17 // 2 weeks (M - F)
1:00 - 2:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Put your crazy thinking cap on and sharpen your pencils! We’ll be writing and performing commercials, jingles, and creating characters to make the delivery complete!

(Student Limit: 16)

or by a check made to:

House of Z

902 Woodshire Lane

St. Louis, MO 63141


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What is Cottage Kids?

Cottage Kids is a day camp for kids kindergarten through sixth grade.


In the school year we meet on Saturdays...and sometimes there are sleep-unders (you don’t sleep over - you get picked up) on a Friday or Saturday night!


In the summertime, we have fun for a whooooole week at at time.

How old are Cottage Kids?

There are three age groupings:


Peeps: Kindergarten (sometimes K-1st)

Kids: 1st Grade - 6th Grade boys and girls

Chicks: 4th - 6th Grade young ladies

What do we do in Cottage Kids?

+Lots of laughing

+Creative crafting

+Writing and composing

+Manners practicing

+Music making

+Yummy baking

+and a dose of drama!

Where is Cottage Kids?

At my cottage, of course!

902 Woodshire Lane
(just north off of Olive, west of Spoede,
and east of Mosley in Creve Coeur)

How much does it cost?

Day camp and sleep-unders are $95.

Summer Camp is $275-$295 per week.


Is food provided?

For Party Days, meal and snacks are provided. For Summer Camp, bring your lunch Monday - Thursday...we’ll have a pizza party on Friday. 

Feline Consideration

The Cottage is feline friendly, but Stella won't be joining us!

I see you thinking! Want to create & schedule your own gathering?

2nd - 6th Graders
July 27 - 31 // (M - F)
1:00 - 2:00pm CST

A live interactive Blanket Theatre class on Zoom with Mrs. Z and your classmates.

Transform your face! 

Magnificent mugs from fantasy face to gnarly pirate, 

we’ll be practicing makeup techniques and designing character looks. 

You provide standing mirror (or prop-up-able mirror), 2 mugs of water, plastic reusable/disposable plate, paper towels, and after-class-face-washing :)

tudent Limit: 16)

Makeup kits provided if registered by June 15.

(Includes ultra-mild, soap based face paint, brush set, and makeup sponges.)


Private, live interactive training with Mrs. Z on Zoom.





Alto Saxophone

$75 per hour

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